One of the leading dietitians in Jaipur, Surbhi always longed to do something for the society, for the people. She had been a socially concerned person since her childhood. The thought of being a dietitian and to pursue her career in the same came to her mind when she witnessed the overgrowing problem of diabetes and obesity among her own people. She researched and studied a lot about the power of good food to eradicate all the health problems related to obesity and other health issues. After learning about the magic and the positive effect of smart eating and a well planned diet she was ardent to study about this science in detail so that she could assist her near and dear ones and save them from this rapidly rising detrimental ailment.

Today Surbhi is one of the best dieticians in Jaipur and has achieved her dream to quite a great extent. She is not only helping her friends and family but has advised a lot of people round the country. Being MSc. in Food and Nutrition and working with VLCC, Mumbai as a Dietitian has added to her years of experience in perfect consultation. Her well prepared diet plans for every body type has helped many people to rise above obesity and to deal with diabetes, thyroid etc. in a much better way.

Eating smartly is the main motto of Surbhi which she wants to spread in the entire world and she is on it.
Come, shake hands with the best dietitian in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur and know the true power of each and every bite you take inside and you will see the magic happen.

We work on ditching your fat, not your taste!

Losing weight was never an easy task and this is absolutely true. Wellness Tuning assures the right consultation and better guidance to help you get a fit and healthy body without any pills, hard core exercises or therapies.

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