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12 Super weight loss drinks that work fast

Losing weight has never been an easy task, you always need some assistance, proper methods to accomplish your desired figure. On the contrary, you know the truth that if you will eat even a little bit more you will gain the fat extremely easily. Why is this so? This all depends on our eating and drinking habits. Although, if you are messed up with the problem of obesity and are looking for a magic wand to eradicate it in a blink of an eye, then of course it’s not possible but we can suggest you something near to it.

Try these 12 magical drinks which can cut down your fat quickly and let you get that amazing body you dreamt of!

1. Green Tea


The most preferred drink when it comes to weight loss is Green Tea. It is the first choice because of its easy method of preparation and the no. antioxidants in it. As it is prepared without sugar and milk, this adds to its weight loss property. This drink can be easily prepared at home by just flavouring the boiled water with the essence of green tea.

2. Lemon Water


Get ready to slurp on lemon water, if you are looking forward to a fit and healthy fat free body. Just squeeze out a lemon in a glass full of warm water and sip it early in the morning. This nutritious glass of lemon water will detox your body and help you feel fresh an active all through the day. Avoid use of any flavoured syrups or powder as these ingredients add to the calories which will harm your body.

3. Honey and Lemon Water


Honey is a nutritious semi liquid which has many health benefits. Hence, it is very useful in helping you lose weight. Add a tablespoon of honey and squeeze a lime in water to prepare this amazing refreshing drink. These two ingredients are well known for speeding up your metabolism.

4. Honey and Cinnamon Water


Add some cinnamon and honey in a glass of water but make sure that the water is not hot. It needs to be cool to retain the nutrients of the ingredients. Drink this preparation everyday and you will feel the river of joy flowing in you. You will see the changes in your body weight soon.

5. Black Coffee


If you are keen to remove that extra fat by boosting up your metabolism then yet another option is black coffee. This coffee is to be prepared without the use of milk and sugar. Black coffee is a popular weight loss drink because it gives you energy to remain active and hence boosts up your metabolism reducing calories.

6. Raspberry Drink


Raspberry is also a metabolism booster as it has numerous antioxidants. So, prepare a drink out of it to lose weight without any starvation. Take some raspberries; mix it with some coconut milk, honey, cinnamon and water. Blend this mixture in a processor and drink it to gain freshness and remain active.

7. Date and Banana Drink


When dates and banana are blended with almond milk and cinnamon, you get a fantastic mixture that can help you lose weight quickly. This amazing drink is not only an energy booster but is also delicious.

8. Ginger and Lime Drink


A few ginger shreds mixed in water with a squeeze of lime is another technique to boost metabolism and cut down fat. It’s one of the most effective and easy to prepare at home drinks which will start showing the results very soon.

9. Smoothies


Some smoothies can also help you fight obesity if consumed in a right way. Again, avoid use of milk and sugar in smoothies. Just blend some fruits like mango, pineapple, add crushed pumpkin seeds and mix with water. Consume this yummy delight to lose weight.

10. Dandelion Tea


Dandelion Tea is a special beverage which is prepared from the root of the Dandelion plant. This plant is rich in many antioxidants and hence it is preferred as a health drink. It also does not include any milk or sugar, contributing completely to weight loss.

11. Apple Drink


Prepare a juice with five apples, two oranges and two celery stalks. Blend all the components and serve. This apple drink not only speeds up metabolism but also helps fight cancer, heart disease and develops the immune system.

12. Apple Strawberry Drink


Blend two large apples, two cups of strawberries in a processor and squeeze half a lime into it. Apples, strawberries and lime are the best foods for weight loss, hence this drink will definitely help you get a well toned body within a few days.

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Best Ways to Stick To your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Best Ways to Stick To your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Best Ways to Stick To your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

We are all set to welcome yet another year with all the hopes, fun and wishes in our hearts. One thing which can’t be forgotten before the beginning of the next year is the New Year Resolution! Each and every one of us has at least one resolution to make and we all have it in our minds but what matters more is whether that promise with yourself be kept or not.
There are resolutions to quit drinking, smoking, follow good habits, wake on time, sleep on time, eat this and that and the list goes on and on. Meanwhile all this, people also take resolutions of losing weight and unfortunately only a handful is able to achieve it. This is not because it is impossible or too tough to achieve but because we do not stick to it.
So, if you are the one who has solemnly resolved to cut the calories this year, may be because you are going to be the bride; want to win a modelling contest or just to remain fit in the upcoming year , here are some real easy and effective ways to stick to your resolution till it is fulfilled.

Clarify Your Goal


It means that first you need to decide whether you have to lose weight or make any changes in the diet like eating less sugar, more fruits etc. Unspecified goals will only confuse you leading to laziness. Being specific about your resolution will help you to stay connected with it for long and you will see yourself fulfilling that resolution seriously.

Begin your Day with a healthy breakfast


It is rightly said that if you begin your day with something constructive your entire day will be fruitful. Similar is the case here, when you start your day with a healthy breakfast you tend to make healthy choices for the entire day, hence making your resolution come alive. For a nutritious breakfast have eggs, broccoli, oats, grains etc. and to slurp, enjoy some smoothies, shakes, fresh fruit juices, latte and a lot more.

Make cooking as a part of your routine


Take out some time to cook yourself, not only at the time of cooking but as a routine work daily. What you need to do is cut some veggies, grill the food and prepare some grains beforehand to be stored in the refrigerator. This act of yours will reduce the possibility of you cheating on yourself. As healthy stuff will already be there in your fridge, you will just have to go ahead, cook and eat.

Call up your friends for a healthy dinner Party

healthy-dinner party-wellnesstuning

If you have decided to lose your weight, then surely you might be having some or the other friend who has the same goal. So, to make this resolution more exciting plan a healthy dinner party where you can cook some real nutritious recipes which were on your mind for long. This planning will diminish boredom of cooking all by yourself and will help you out to stay in shape.

Keep a Record

To keep a record of your success either prepare a journal or create a group of friends who have the similar resolution. There you can discuss each other’s failures and success regarding weight loss. A journal will motivate you to maintain a good record, hence making you follow a proper diet and easy exercises.

Set Targets

This is true that you might be having at least one dress in your wardrobe which you are longing to wear again. Yes, make that dress your first target to achieve. Try to gain that body to fit into your favourite old collection.

Reward Yourself


Whether big or small every success is special, so you need to celebrate it. To be self motivated everytime you need a constant appreciation, and none other than you yourself can do it better. Reward yourself at any success or achievement you gain while following weight loss hacks. Even if you reduce just a little bit don’t take it for granted but consider it as a milestone in this race to get a fit body.
Follow at least one of these ways and you will surely stick to your New Year Resolution, making it meaningful and healthy at the same time.

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What happens to your body when you eat

What happens to your body when you eat

What happens to your body when you eat

Our body is more or less under the control of hormones. Whether it’s our brain, our stomach or any other organ, the communication between them is possible because of these regulatory substances. So, the process from the beginning of eating food till its complete digestion is also stimulated by the hormones. The digestion of food is a detailed process to use the food nutrients in generating energy for your body.

Call up your friends for a healthy dinner Party

Our body is more or less under the control of hormones. Whether it’s our brain, our stomach or any other organ, the communication between them is possible because of these regulatory substances. So, the process from the beginning of eating food till its complete digestion is also stimulated by the hormones. The digestion of food is a detailed process to use the food nutrients in generating energy for your body.

What happens as the food is in the mouth?

As you take in a bite the teeth start chewing, the saliva starts digesting the carbohydrates and the tongue rolls food down the oesophagus. The main procedure then begins in the stomach, the pouch of your digestive tube.

What does stomach do?

The walls of the stomach are strong and muscular digesting the food into much smaller parts by the secretion of HCL and mucus. Due to these chemicals the proteins and amino acids in the food are digested further. The remaining stuff is then forwarded to the small intestine, the neatly coiled 20 feet long organ.

What’s the role of small intestine?

The small intestine has its own way of digesting food using the digestive juices produced from the gall bladder, pancreas and the liver.

What’s the role of large intestine?

The long journey of your beloved food comes to an end when it reaches the large intestine or colon. It absorbs only water from the leftover and converts it into the bundles of waste finally pushing it out of the body.

This is the natural journey of food but what happens when you eat a lot?

An average human stomach has the capacity to eat 1 or 1 and ½ litres of food at a time but it can be stretched 4 times till a tragedy occurs. Every process in our body is controlled by the brain, it’s the mastermind, after all. So, as you eat, a hormone called Leptin is produced by the fat cells which combine with the receptors in the brain telling you that you are full. But as the food in your plate drives you crazy you ignore the message and continue to hog on, and here all the problems fly in.

When you eat more than your stomach’s capacity, the secretion of Leptin increases and a point comes when it stops secreting resulting into no messages from the brain. The receptors are not able to tell you that you are full hence leading you to eat more and more. This is how you gain weight.

Nowadays, the trend of fast food and other fat rich foods has degraded the eating habits of people. Most of you are not able to eat on time leading you to eat more whenever you sit down to have something. This habit and diet needs to be changed as this is the need of the hour because if obesity strikes you, it can prove out to be very harmful.

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Unexpected Benefits of Ghee

Unexpected Benefits of Ghee

Unexpected Benefits of Ghee

‘Ghee’, as you hear the word what runs through your mind? A lot of fat, high cholesterol level, obesity problems, health issues and a lot more. No matter how nice the taste it imparts to your food, all these assumptions make you believe that Ghee is just not meant for the people who want to lose weight. But do you know all these facts are just not true? Ghee or you can say clarified butter has a lot more positive health benefits and you should include it in your daily diet. It is a good source of vitamin K and a way to help you lose your weight!!

Still surprised?

Years have passed but we all have been ignorant of the fact that Ghee is not a harmful ingredient but it is just the vice versa

First let’s understand how is ghee prepared?

Ghee, also known as clarified butter is prepared by simmering unsalted butter at very low heat which is divided into a liquid and solid part. The liquid is drained off and the solid component is restored as ghee. Most of the south Asian countries use Ghee in one or the other form where it holds a lot of religious and health importance. People use it in preparing food which not only provides nutrition but also enhance the taste. Ayurveda has claimed some very unusual and unbelievable advantages of Ghee and you should know them before you ignore it completely.
Here are some of the unexpected health benefits of Ghee. Go through these without being surprised

Ghee helps you lose weight


If you are on a weight loss diet, the first thing which you have prohibited would be ghee or clarified butter. But what if we tell you that ghee is not that bad? Yes, clarified butter contains a lot of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, K and E and essential amino acids which help in curbing weight gain. The fatty acids present in ghee aid in perfect weight management hence nourishing you to the core.
Ghee is a source of butyric acid
Butyric s acid is an anti carcinogenic short chain fatty acid which primarily curbs the growth of he mammary tumours and prevent bowel diseases. It also increases the immunity of the body hence making it alert for any infection.

Ghee is heat stable


To understand the fact we will have to go a little down into organic chemistry where we have studied that double covalent bonds break easily and faster. Ghee is not among such items. It is a highly heat stable and saturated fat hence stable for cooking and healthy too.

Ghee is good for the digestive system


The micro bacteria present in our digestive track convert the fiber and the nutrients into butyric acid which is necessary for the healthy functioning of our gut and digestive system. Ghee as already discussed contains this acid in a good amount and hence helps in increasing the immunity.

Ghee does not have lactose

A lot of people in the world are lactose intolerant. Lactose is a type of sugar present in milk and Ghee is prepared by removing all such kinds of sugars and milk proteins. Hence if you were afraid of consuming ghee till now just because it might contain lactose then forget it and start adding ghee to your food.

Ghee is good for dry skin and scalp


Dry skin and scalp is a major problem and it needs to be treated. Ghee is one option which can be applied to the skin as it has anti inflammatory properties and helps reduce swelling and dryness.
In the end…
Now that you know how important this buttery and extremely delicious ingredient is, it does not say that you should grab the whole jar and hog on it. Two spoons of Ghee daily are enough to provide you complete nutrition and vitamins and will also help you stay fit. So, add Ghee in your diet list as soon as possible if you had chucked it before!

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Top 7 Possible Causes of Weight Gain in Women

Top 7 Possible Causes of Weight Gain in Women

Top 7 Possible Causes of Weight Gain in Women

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The problem of obesity or weight gain is increasing by leaps and bounds among the people of almost all the age groups. This rising health issue is not only a reason for a bad figure and body shape but is also a major cause of in-numerous diseases. Especially, women are being affected by sudden weight gain in stomach and thighs because of several reasons. It is surprising to know that these reasons are not special or unknown but related to their daily life and living style.
Let’s explore the top 7 possible causes of weight in women:

Compromising on sleep


Maintaining a balance between work and family demands for compromises and the biggest sacrifice which women make here is proper sleep. Getting ready for work, making lunch, daily household chores, getting kids ready for school, everything leads to a lot of tiredness. To eradicate it, you need sufficient hours of rest. Studies have proved that lack of sleep increases the levels of Ghretin- a hunger hormone which leads to overeating and this results into excessive weight gain in a short period of time. Sleep is as important as a good diet to stop gaining extra calories. So, if you are also not taking a deep sleep, start it right away!



Depression and obesity are intertwined, symptoms of both the problems affect each other. If you have put on a lot of weight it can lead you to depression and vice versa. So, which one came first, no one exactly knows. When depression sets in, it affects your weight severely, the appetite control centre of the brain loses its power to decide how much to eat. This illness is most common among the women as they are stressed and sometimes get tensed very quickly. This issue if not treated at early stages can later give birth to serious diseases like diabetes, heart problems, thyroid and many more. You need to address this, before it takes a serious turn!



At the age between 45 to 55 menstruation ceases in women and this is known as Menopause. But what it generally brings in is obesity. Studies show that about 35% of women aged between 50 to 55 are obese. The fat at the waistline increases after menopause and this is the major reason of weight gain. The lower levels of estrogens makes them eat more and remain physically inactive, all these processes ultimately increase the fat storage hence making them overweight. This problem is to be considered seriously before you are affected by any fatal disease.


Many more women than men suffer from thyroid and weight gain. This is because they undergo a lot of stress that finally affects their thyroid function. Mostly in this case the problems occur within the thyroid gland and appear later with a large imbalance in hormones. Thyroid, weight gain and menopause are therefore interrelated issues. If not cured at the earliest, it can be detrimental.

PCOD/PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Disease/Syndrome)

Polycystic ovarian disease or Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition in which a female’s hormones are imbalanced. This disease has affected 5% to 10 % of women between the age group of 12 to 45 causing, irregular menstrual periods or even difficulty to conceive. If not treated on time it can lead to high insulin levels, obesity and ultimately heart diseases. The weight gained due to PCOD is difficult to lose. Hence it should be cured before this condition becomes disastrous.


This happens most of the time that women put on weight when they are expecting. Moms to be need to take care in this condition otherwise excessive weight gain can lead to many serious issues during their delivery. Bring obese at the time of pregnancy will not expose you to some extremely fatal diseases but can affect your baby too. Obesity increases the risk to miscarriage, birth defects, premature birth, stillbirth and a lot more.

Finishing Remaining Food


Yes, this is the biggest and the most common cause of obesity, especially in women. With the fear of wasting their own cooked food, most of the women try to finish whatever is left over, hence giving obesity an easy way to devour them completely. Excessive unnecessary eating leads to the collection of fats and calories in the body. Not just this, the in between hunger pangs and food cravings also makes them eat more than needed, paving way for extra carbs.
These are the 7 leading causes of weight gain and obesity that portray how risky and harmful this problem has become, especially among women. If you fall under any of these categories, don’t wait till the situation becomes beyond control.
Smell the coffee before it gets cold!

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Diet Vs Exercise, What matters more for weight loss?7

Diet Vs Exercise, What matters more for weight loss?7

Diet Vs Exercise, What matters more for weight loss?7

Diet vs exercise, What matters more for weight loss? This is the question of decades. When it comes to weight loss, everyone wants to find the fastest way to reach his/her goal weight. To accomplish this goal, some head to the gym, some choose fasting and some start eating right to not to accumulate more. It is well justified that combination of diet and exercise provides the best results for weight loss. Eating right and staying active is absolutely essential for a healthy lifestyle. But still, what matters the most?

Diet Vs Exercise Ratio

There is a thumb rule accepted by many dietitians and nutritionists – 80 diet 20 exercise theory. It means, weight loss is equal to 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. So, this theory very well clears the doubt and states that diet is more important than exercise.

Why diet is more important than exercise?

Study shows, exercise alone cannot lead to significant weight loss. It is much easier to cut down 500 calories through diet rather than to burn the same 500 calories through exercise. It takes tons of physical activities. Afterall, gaining weight is hundred times easier than losing it.
Let’s understand this theory with the help of a general scenario. It takes 90 minutes of physical activities for a person (30 minute Running, 30 minute Bicycling and 30 minute Weight lifting) to burn some 500 calories if he or she prefers going to gym. But 30 minutes later, on the way to home, if she takes a fully loaded king size cheese burger with a bottle of coke, will it make any difference? She will gain some 500 new calories within 15 minutes. If she will pay attention to what she eats, it will help her control unwanted weight gain. To burn more and more calories, people do hardcore exercises, which lead to harmful effects in terms of muscle fatigue and body pain.
With busy schedule and sophisticated living standards, one does not get much time to go to gym and workout to reduce somehow. For some people, medical conditions are the biggest hindrance. So, here diet plays an important role because whatever the situation may be, everyone fulfills his or her hunger. Whatever you eat, that directly affects your body metabolism as well as weight conditions. This justifies that the major part of diet is completely beneficial for weight loss. A balanced and modified diet provides you a complete meal which decides accurate calories intake depending on your body requirements. A proper diet plan is not only based on your weight but also on your activity level, age, gender and a lot more.

Both diet and exercise are essential for weight loss with consistency and positivity

As diet plays a key role in maintaining your body shape and keeping you healthy, it does not mean that exercises are useless. Light and easy exercises are always recommended along with proper meals. Here light exercise means, dance, aerobics, yoga, meditation and walking. If practiced with consistency, positivity and accuracy, the combination of proper diet and exercise will help you get your dream figure.
If you are not able to find how much you should exercise that is enough according to your body requirement, then consult your dietitian and get a proper plan for yourself. Struggling with useless methods, without any results is just a waste of time, money and energy.
Most of the people believe in hardcore exercises as the best way to get the dream figure they ever wanted, but this is not absolutely true. To prevent the amount of carbs from piling up in your body, the food choices you make are really important than the exercises. To make it simpler to understand, just think what makes you fat at the first place? Your food, right? The first reason which leads to weight gain is the amount of calories you take in. Yes, this is true there are several other reasons too, but food comes first. Prevention before cure is an old but meaningful saying, hence applying it here too, you can keep yourself away from obesity. You know it’s the type of food which is affecting your body, then try to make ways out of it. This theory should not be misunderstood with complete dieting or starvation. It simply means, you need to get a proper diet plan after complete diagnosis of your body requirements.
Many doctors, trainers, health centers recommend various machine therapies and pills, but for your information, these can be harmful. It’s time to know the goodness of each and every food on your plate because then only you will know the power of a proper diet. Instead of following man made ways to cut down fat, why not go for fresh, healthy and natural way? This is the medically proven and universally accepted way to shed some weight. It will not only help you reduce faster but will also save you from side effects and any kind of risk too.
Obesity does not depend on the amount of food you eat, it depends on what you eat. Eating smartly doesn’t mean eating less, it means eating in the most appropriate way! Eat the right way and you will see the positive changes not only in your body but in you yourself.
Calories burn in 30 minute activity

Weight of person and calories burned
Activity (30 minute duration) 70 Kilograms 90 Kilograms
Walking (at 6 Km/hr) 150 190
Yoga / Stretching 120 140
Running (at 8 Km/hr) 240 300
Swimming 210 260
Weight Lifting: general 90 110
Bicycling 210 260
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